ilhan omar

  1. Smokybob03

    Why do (African) ethnic minority women who are climbing the political ladder like Candace Owens Ilhan Omar marry white men?

    Asian women too. Is it because they believe this is the only way they can be accepted? Brazy
  2. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS Ilhan Omar summons US foreign affairs official 4 a brief report on the Horn and approves US cutting aid to FGS/Farmaajo for delaying Somali elections

    Mashalah, Eedo Congresswomen Ilhan Omar came through as usual, I am glad she is in line with President Deni on the war against the Kacaanist Low IQ Farmaajo intention of dragging the election and planning to rig the Somali Presidential election. The AFGS and Farmaajo's failure to conduct...
  3. H

    Ilhan Omar receives YET ANOTHER death threat and Donald Trump attacks her

    :damedamn:She really should have played more sneaky instead of capturing the attention of rednecks
  4. Manafesto

    NEWS Puntland pilot elections faces critics on social media

    I don't know why Reer Mogdishu,Somalilanders, Reer Ghetto and crackers like to include them selves in literally every little thing on social media regarding our eedo Honorable lady Ilhan, but this one takes of the cake, An MJ(Puntite) American Congress women from Puntite majority state of MN...
  5. SonOfMaverick

    Ilhan Omar Defends Equating America to Terror Groups

    Naagtaan waa na ceebeysay. :reallymaury:
  6. 486th President

    Ilhan Omar Playing Among Us With Alexandria Ocasio

    Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio and Ilhan Omar drew over 430k live concurrent viewers on Among Us live stream where she encouraged voting.
  7. Risotto

    Ilhan hits back at Trump's racist rally attack, says US is her home

  8. Helios

    Ilhan Slandered By Retarded Americans Again

    For those who don't know Rudy Giuliani is Trump's lawyer :tacky:
  9. Odkac WRLD

    Our dear friend has lost the plot

    I’ve stood by this woman high and low: but this is just too much. I’m certain she’s clamoring for votes, but still hard to digest. :camby::camby::camby: Coming from a woman who wears the hijab?thoughts? Reer MN you voting her in in November? And also let’s keep it civil lol
  10. The alchemist

    Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Is Going to Visit Israel and the West Bank

    This is some interesting stuff. Tlaib and Omar’s Planned West Bank Trip Embroils Israel in Trump’s Battle With ‘The Squad' "There’s bad news for American Jews who are already deeply uncomfortable with the fact that Israel is playing a role in the confrontation between progressive congresswomen...
  11. CaliTedesse

    Ilhan Omar gets annihilated in speech by Donald Trump

    SMH Why is she so stupid. why can't she play politics more smart.