1. F

    Farmaajo vs Farmaajo v.2

  2. abdallah

    More Alshabaab attacks under farmaajo than the other presidents

    Farmaajo needs to go
  3. A

    Farmaajo vs HSM

    the picture says it all:farmajoyaab: why am I not surprised if those are ciyaal he paid to come to liido like the displaced people thing people kept talking about:mjlol: Farmaajo: 10 kids in Liido HSM:1,000's in liido
  4. Galaeri

    Stopping Inter-Government Period Corruption

    Madaxweyne Cheese has taken swift measures to stop the incumbent HSM admin from embezzling even more government funds. Some audacious fools had the audacity to suggest Mudane Cheese was a theif himself earlier today. These actions speak volumes about or great President, that he is indeed a...
  5. Jungle79

    Netanyahu's meeting wish HSM was on the phone, Israeli Newspaper confirmed.

    Netanyahu's meeting with Hassan Sheik Mahamoud was over the phone. A major Israeli newspaper confirmed... http://www.timesofisrael.com/netanyahu-talks-with-leader-of-muslim-african-state/ He also had a great time with the lions of Judah...
  6. HalyeeyQaran

    Caption this picture

    Caption this pic