Wow, loving Hooyo and her Son graduate together

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Masha allah to the both of them but FUCKING HELL man the son is clearly mixed and you can tell from the surnames, I don't have a problem with it but inna lillah the backlash to this will be insane :chrisfreshhah:
Lol she took her husbands whites name and name her son a white name.

Western xalimos in a nutshell:

Self pity.
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Only in London you will see a hooyo and her son graduating together:chrisfreshhah:

mashAllah tho, he resembles his mom alot, specially the mouth and eyes


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The women is a Tumaal, she wouldn’t have been able to marry a Somali man anyway.
Tumaal is ethnicity a somali clan, who historically smithed metal, that would mean most of the weapons somalis would have used came for them in the pre-guns Somalia. They deserve nothing but the highest respect.


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It's very encouraging for somali mothers to seek education instead of being stay home mothers with no education.
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