high school


    What was your school scandal?

    There was a lad in the year below got caught shagging his dog in the cemetery, dog had to get put down. His official story was that his dog had climbed a tree and he was having a piss under that tree when the dog fell out and landed on his penis. After some time off school he came back, he...
  2. H

    What was Your High School Prank?

    At my High School we had a summer party in the parking lot and after we got shutdown for barbecuing on school property we drove over to a girl's house across the street and continued it. I got thrown in the pool after a multi-man chase and it was sick. :mjlaugh:
  3. Zach

    Were you or are you popular in High School?

    I was, because I was kinda a leader since kindergarten. I didn’t like people and I am always mean but people kind feared me. I played football (or soccer for weirdos) and I am pretty tall. Tbh I only have 3 best friends since kindergarten the other people were just “friends for now” I still get...