high school

  1. JackieBurkhart

    I was just thinking........

    Did you guys ever skip class in high school? I remember doing it, and the few times I did, I enjoyed it. I was mostly a good student though. So tell me, did you?

    What was your school scandal?

    There was a lad in the year below got caught shagging his dog in the cemetery, dog had to get put down. His official story was that his dog had climbed a tree and he was having a piss under that tree when the dog fell out and landed on his penis. After some time off school he came back, he...
  3. Helios

    What was Your High School Prank?

    At my High School we had a summer party in the parking lot and after we got shutdown for barbecuing on school property we drove over to a girl's house across the street and continued it. I got thrown in the pool after a multi-man chase and it was sick. :mjlaugh:
  4. Zach

    Were you or are you popular in High School?

    I was, because I was kinda a leader since kindergarten. I didn’t like people and I am always mean but people kind feared me. I played football (or soccer for weirdos) and I am pretty tall. Tbh I only have 3 best friends since kindergarten the other people were just “friends for now” I still get...