1. Cerberus

    Two Somali Hijabi women assaulted and beaten in Edmonton Canada in broad daylight

  2. Marshall D Abdi

    Paki guy wildin

  3. C-Town

    where does this hate against reer uk come from?

    i have been on this shit for a day now and have seen alot of uk hate wagwan
  4. S

    I’m getting married.

    So a lot of you guys don’t know anything about me but anyways, i’m getting married. He and his family (except his mom) actually asked for my hand yesterday, so that’s why I was busy :trumpsmirk: Anyways my family is very happy and thrilled since they really like him, he’s very nice and...
  5. Prince Abubu


    Somalis need to start using the term 'Anti-Cushite'. Say it to everyone, use it with your friends and coworkers. Anytime someone on Twitter criticizes Somalis or jokes about us, report them and say they are engaging in Anti-Cushiticism. Next time someone jokes about my name being "Abdi" or how...
  6. Zach

    Why the hate?

    why you guys hating on @Hanan.ilhan ? Is it because she is bisexual? Didn’t she say that she’d never act on her feelings and is a Muslim?
  7. government

    German still hate Jews

    The Jews are really dumb they are still in Germany after they got killed by the thousands what did they expect :bell: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/962383001
  8. G

    Sophisticated appreciation thread.

    Lady Sophisticated deserves respect and appreciation on this forum. Not only is she witty but also really smart Mashallah. She will ruffle ashy Abdis feathers while diagnosing them with some sort mental disorder. Hear hear for lady sophisticate.
  9. A

    Why are Somalis such parasites?

    I am never again hanging around Somalis in my life they leech off you like a parasite, extort the shit out of you if they know you have money. Try to use you in every way possible and just suck the life out of you. Somalis are lazy, uneducated, they don't want to work. I am full Somali and I...
  10. Prince Abubu

    What are your pet peeves?

    Here are some of mine: 1) Loud music. I listen to music at a reasonable level of decibels. I'm not trying to be an attention-seeking asshole. 2) Loud people - I'm very soft spoken and I can't stand people who can't control their voices. Even in a crowded room they're the loudest. 3) Mowing...