What are your pet peeves?

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Here are some of mine:

1) Loud music. I listen to music at a reasonable level of decibels. I'm not trying to be an attention-seeking asshole.

2) Loud people - I'm very soft spoken and I can't stand people who can't control their voices. Even in a crowded room they're the loudest.

3) Mowing the lawn. It's one of the punishments of hell that managed to work it's way into this world.

4) Driving - Tedious and annoying. I feel like in my previous life I had a chauffeur.

5) Somali females that use terms like "come for", "dragged" and "lit" - I would love throw them head-first into a wood-chipper.

7) Pendatic people - Yes I did notice I skipped a number, thanks.

8) Bad smells. I have a really strong sense of smell. And I mean really strong. I feel like I'm the world's shittiest X-Men member.

9) Mayonnaise -
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I am the Toby Flenderson of this forum
1. People we generally smell bad
2. People on public transport who talk loudly on their phone.
3. Random men who approach me in the street to ask me a bullshit question.
4. Liars.
5. People who talk behind others backs and smile in the faces of people they talk crap about.
6. Fat people who can't take criticism and make poor life choices.
7. Ugly people who make fun of someone that looks better than them.
8. Homophobes ( I have a issue with the ones who come for gay people for no reason just mind ya business)
9. People unrelated to me who feel the need to police me.
10. People who are easily offended by jokes.
11. Vegans who think they are better than everyone.
1. People who hate the West but live here and were given a second chance at life by Westerners.

2. Terrorists

3. Corrupt people

4. Anti-Jews

5. People who smell

6. Homophobes

7. Xalwo

8. Anything or anyone loud

9. Self hating gays (March 4 Palestine) who bootyclap for their enemies

10. PC/SJWs
1) People who wear too much perfume
2) Akward people that keep silent for long periods.
3) Peope that completely ignore you when you want to ask for directions
4) Snitches
6) Skinny people who cant take criticm and make poor life choices
7) Good looking people that say they are ugly
8) Homosexuals (just keep your business in private)
9) People who feel they need to police me cause they are related to me
10) People who have no backbone
11) Carnivores
1. Loud people.
2. Talkative people.
3. People who love drama and socialites
4. People who won't let people live and can't mind their own business.
5. Elderly Somalis.
6. "Unique" people.
7. People who won't leave me alone.
8. Slow internet and devices.
9. People who blast music/quran in the car. (EVEN WORSE WHEN THEY PUT THE WINDOW DOWN SO THAT EVERYBODY CAN HEAR IT)
10. Uncooperative people.
11. "Justice" making cunts who act too good to be true.
12. People who have attitudes.
13. People who disregard the environment.
14. People who proselytize to the extreme.
15. People who are not independent and are always helpless.
16. Extremely sweet/bitter/bland/soggy etc...
17. People who think they are superior to others.
18. People who generalise everything.
19. Random Somalis who approach you out of nowhere.
20. Religious zealots.
21. Mentally ill conspiracy theorists.
22. People who say "Qiyamihi ba choga" to everything they don't wanna see.
23. People who like fighting.
24. People who are easily influenced and manipulated.
25. People who act like something they're not.
26. Right wing "rationalists" who make retarded conclusions to extremely controversial topics.
27. Rappers who perpetuate and glorify stereotypes and thuggishness.
28. Dumbasses who try and defend the stupidest shit.
1. Self-Hating somalis

2. Losers that make mass generalization but then say "not me and my family"

3.Good Looking Somali Women with potential that are absolute Qasaaro

3. Chinese and South Koreans ( Terrible Drivers, Don't do shit in group projects, they smell bad etc..)

4. People who lack personal hygiene

5. Laptops that occasionally Malfunction

6. Dishonest People

7. People who cannot keep their promise

8. SJW Muslimahs

9. Extremist Muslims (Khawaarijs, Al-Qaeda, .. etc)

10. Al-shabaab : I want to get into a fist fight with one of them and break their bones

11. Random Somali guys that blast their stupid rap music

12. Cowards


1. When someone interrupts when I'm about to bust a nut

2. Bad Drivers

4. When someone tries to talk to you over music

5. when your girl wants to have pillow talk after you already busted a nut

9. People talking during a movie

there's more, but these are off the top of my head.
1- Somali atheists, they are the least informed about everything including atheism. At least be an informed Gaal please.

Radical Canjeerorism

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1. People who do that DAB shit
2. Waking up early on Monday
3. Girls who call their BF's "daddy"
4. arsenal
5. That kid who always reminds the teacher there's homework
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