1. Z

    GENETICS Dna, Haplogroup

    Salaama aleikum, I recently took a dna test & I was wondering if these haplogroups are common with Somalis.
  2. Shk_ljh”630

    GENETICS How common are these haplogroups?

    Okay so I took a dna test and I was wondering if these haplogroups are common amongst somali?
  3. Siikawe

    GENETICS Maternal HG U9

    Have anyone come across someone with maternal hg U9 on 23andme? Looked through my closest relative and none of them have it.
  4. L

    GENETICS My cousin’s DNA results (haplogroup)

    He is Habar Yonis, Musa Abdalla, Farah Mohamed - Bah Gumaroon Paternal: T-L208 Maternal: N1 I think this confirms Garhajis is a real qabil, almost everyone who has done the test gets the same haplogroup.
  5. Arabsiyawi

    GENETICS Somalis' Specific Mtdna clades

    Hi y'all. Is it possible for all the somalis that have done 23andme tests to post their 23andme assigned Mtdna results as well as processing their raw data into https://dna.jameslick.com/mthap/ (which does not even take 4m) to see what their sub-clades might be. I am particularly interested in...
  6. ladySomal206

    GENETICS J1 update (Big Y)! Could some Hartis be relatives of the Yemeni/Saudi tribe Khawlan?

    After upgrading our FamilyTree Y-DNA 37 to the Big Y, our haplogroup has been updated to a deeper J-ZS8897. Our closest relatives so far is a Somali who is Warsangeli and the Khawlan tribe of Yemen/Saudi Arabia. J1 is rare in Somalis. After all this DNA research what we have learned for sure...
  7. The alchemist

    GENETICS Haplogroup J-P58

    Is it common among Somalis? Got a connection with a person who carried that haplogroup on 23andMe.