1. R

    Is she Somali or Eritrean ?

    Is Liyahmai Somali or Eritrean?
  2. SonOfMaverick

    Hate Crimes Are Increasing

    This Somali woman was attacked in broad daylight. I noticed most of the victims are women and the only reason why it’s happening to them is because their wearing these tents and niqabs. I only see Somali women and girls wearing these. Arab, Turkish, and Iranians aren’t targeted or bullied...
  3. P

    Insolent British Somali girl berates her entire family

    She even berates her old man. He probably walked out on her and went home for a young pretty 18 year old wife. She is even more white washed than me. She never even left her habo out.
  4. Qarboosh

    Xalimo Jumps on Jay Z & Beyonces Car

    Kkkkkk ceebta aduunka
  5. Balqisa


    Her response: I've seen a thread made about this specific user I don't know if he's trolling or not but he is harming our peaceful community online.
  6. H


    JAMAICAN GIRL EATING SOMALI FOOD. her Reaction is so funny
  7. FromthecityEyl

    We are being robbed!

    I have never posted on website but i had a absolute responsibility to show this. Our people of Somali/Jubbaland/Puntland/Mudugland/Somaliland/Bendariland/ let me know if i missed anywhere lmao. Anyways political bullshit aside. This organization global fishing watchdog was created by the...
  8. Jodeci

    Qarxis Weyne: Black woman exposes prominent NFL Football coach using Drugs "For the Culture" Woman who outed former Dolphins coach Chris Foerster says she did it to expose racial inequality The woman who outed former Dolphins coach Chris Foerster prior to his resignation...
  9. Xooshdheere

    Somali girl achieving AAA

  10. DrippinglyWet

    atheist kill themselves more often study shows

    I have decided to dedicated my 1,000st post to give a helping hand to my Gaalo brothers and sister so that they can see the light by reading these facts.:siilaanyosmile: "Pitzer College sociologist Phil Zuckerman compiled country-by-country survey, polling and census numbers relating to...
  11. HalyeeyQaran

    This photo chillingly depicts the state of Somalia and its future

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.:wow::meleshame: Can we save Somalia before it's too late?:mjcry: Discuss.