1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Have Any of You Made Friends At Work?

    I've made a few.
  2. JudgeJoeGorilla

    You Shouldn't Want To Have Friends....

    Trust me, don't worry about having friends. Focus on building a life for yourself and resources will come. Worry about friends will only take your focus off your objective that you have to achieve. Earn certifications and try to improve your education and finances. Forget friends, get...
  3. lalayariis

    Being friends with your friends enemies?

    I’ve always been one to not beef with people, so is it being disloyal to be nice and civil with people your friends hate and vice versa? For example, you talk to them when you run into them and catch up but you don’t hang out really so it’s more of an associate friendship. Letting you know...
  4. L


    I AM a Hedonist! I Love Feeling Good and Pursuing Pleasure! Sweet Dido, I Love you!
  5. Hodan from HR

    My revert friend had me ROFL

    I walked into her standing on the prayer mat. Her phone was infront of her playing a youtube video of a guy praying. She was actively watching and following his actions. Apparently, that is how she is praying the past two weeks:cryinglaughsmiley: Anyway, when I first heard she took her...
  6. wars

    Insha’Allah! what’s your goal this Ramadan?

  7. zvmy

    I need some new friends

    There are so many hypocritical Somali females wherever I go, it's slowly killing me! I'm a proud Somali and want to be surrounded by dadkeyga, is that so wrong??? I might look like that miskiin girl your parents compare you to all the time "...with good grades, a great job, dresses well...
  8. Kezira


  9. dr.leorio

    When it comes to lending money to friends...

    how long do ya'll usually wait until you ask for you lacag back? And if they don't have it or give you an excuse, how long do you wait until you ask again? I find it somewhat awkward to be having to ask for my money back, I'm thinking they should respect the trust and give it back...
  10. B

    Somali women only (help!)

    As-salamu alaykum Abaayos, I'm new to this forum but basically I wanted help from my sisters needed help from my somali sisters. I'm a 21 year old woman (still struggling to get used to that) and I was raised in the west. I've realised now that I've wasted about 9 years of my life and have...
  11. Lily

    Who wants to become my online friend?

    I thought is worth a shot. I'm being genuine :)