1. Velœcity

    Somalia-Kenya Khat trade tops 2 Million USD in only 4 days!

    https://www.garoweonline.com/en/news/somalia/kenya-exports-record-miraa-khat-worth-2-21-million-to-somalia A projected 30M every month :jcoleno:
  2. Milano Ahmed

    NEWS Farmaajo gives his reasoning for continuity

  3. Farm

    NEWS Puntland to Review Its Membership in Federal Institutions

  4. Karim

    Somalia has invited Turkey to explore OIL in its seas

  5. F

    Ethiopia: New Janaale/Dawa Dam 99% Complete

    https://constructionreviewonline.com/2019/11/genale-dawa-iii-hydropower-project-in-ethipoia-99-complete/ How in the hell hasn't the FGS addressed this issue?
  6. Automaton

    Kenya is the Biggest Enemy of Somalia

    What is going in Kismayo is more significant than what some of the posters here implying. Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) is fighting a proxy war against Kenya. Kenya is using Madobe as a pawn to undermine the Somali government while controlling the port of Kismayo and suck up millions of...
  7. Karim

    XAAF capitulates to the FGS demands.

    In a stunning twist of events, Galmudug president accepts FGS terms to hold region's leadership elections in July and unexpectedly withdrew his treaty with Ahlusunna Waljamaaca accusing them of excessive political greed.
  8. Karim

    Jubaland: The race against time to capture Bu'aale.

    Race against time for Jubaland forces and FGS security forces/Amisom to capture Bu'aale; the official capital of Jubaland. Ahmed Madoobe have been deploying 100s of military vehicles to Afmadow and vowed to capture the capital before August. On the other hand, Bogmadow the Marehan general...
  9. Guts

    Officals are done out here

    Think about having someone that speaks in this matter as a minister of finance, he should only show class and dignity. But instead of doing anything i stated above he choose to reply this :russ::pachah1: