1. CaliTedesse

    Ancient Egypt Land of Punt in Eastern Africa cure to Racism?

    Since we all know land of Punt was in Eastern Africa abihiin wasse (pardon my Fransiis) Yacni ii dhageysada researchers found that the most logical place for the Land of Punt was Eastern African especially Horn of Africa they proved this with a xaywaan wa lakiin I'm not done. Back to topic yaa...
  2. CaliTedesse

    A great read on ancient Egyptian history

    Any recommendations on Amazon or even PDF file you might have?
  3. The alchemist

    Egypt is building a new capital

  4. Qarboosh

    Somalia; The Land of Punt Confirmed!

    Look at these ancient artifacts and relics found in somalia :chrisfreshhah::drakelaugh:
  5. Saalax Bidaar

    Hulagu Khan’s letter to Mamluks Egypt

    Hulagu Khan's letter to Saifaddin Qutuz From the King of Kings of the East and West, the Great Khan. To Qutuz the Mamluk, who fled to escape our swords. You should think of what happened to other countries and submit to us. You have heard how we have conquered a vast empire and have purified...
  6. chosen one

    Somalis were the ancient egyptians

    Waryaa @Amun is this true? :patrice:
  7. DRACO

    SL: Egypt donates resources to somaliland

    Egypt government has sent 4 containers of resources Containing , Baby milk formula , beans, buscuits and medicine to the government of somaliland to help combat and avert a famine ! God bless Egypt.
  8. Kezira

    Some Somalians believe they built Pyramids

  9. Huur

    [PROOF] Cape Guardafui belonged to EGYPT

    Cape Guardafui belonged to Egypt not Ancient Ethiopia (a different civilization) Source: A geographical survey of Africa : its rivers, lakes, mountains, productions, states, populations &c. with a map of an entirely new construction, to which is prefixed a letter to Lord John Russell regarding...
  10. DeathWish

    BLACK Civilizations

    The Land of Punt Is Somalia Black Egypt @OmarLittle @Knowthyself @Assata Shakur @DuctTape @Canuck @Steamdevolopment @jugjugwacwac @Inquisitive_ @Netero @Madara x @Garad @Grant @Prince of Hobyo