1. D

    Mudug is the wild west of Somalia

    Nigga is evil as f*ck. Kulaha "ma ina magtada lugu qajiilo rabta?". :damn::dead:
  2. JudgeJoeGorilla

    This Guy Has "Literally" Lost His Rabid Azz Mind

    There's been stories that he has unconsentually put fans in the crossfade chicken wing and made fans recite all the U.S. Presidents. Bob Backlund
  3. H

    Ilhan Omar receives YET ANOTHER death threat and Donald Trump attacks her

    :damedamn:She really should have played more sneaky instead of capturing the attention of rednecks
  4. The Somali Caesar

    Only in the UK

    Reer UK hold this L. I can say that now as I no longer live there :mjlol::russ: Man makes his girlfriend his b*tch quite literally These uncivilised species arresting a police officer Two women fighting in the supermarket during Corona lockdown. The security guard just watching from the...
  5. Thugnificent

    Why are all faraxs suddenly going to Colombia???

    Suddenly my Twitter time-line is filled with shiny foreheaded faraxs in Manila Airport, why do they choose Colombia? Most go solo. Is it the cocaine, the prostitutes or are they just living out narcos fantasies as a tourist. (why tf Colombia though? I've seen plenty lifeleak footage of niggas...
  6. Genesis

    Somali wedding gets shot up in Canada!!

    I've never heard of a wedding ever being shot up before, these guys are crazy :mindblown: Our resident Canadians @Shmurda @The Good, can you explain what has happened here?
  7. A

    Fattening up their daughters for marriage

    Men in Mauritania only want to marry fat women apparently so women start to fatten up their daughters from really young, sometimes as young as five so they have more suitors to choose from when they are older. This actually disgusting.
  8. L

    Epic niqabi brawl- Saudi style

    This crazy dropped her kid like 3 times. La xawla :faysalwtf: Barbaric behavior!
  9. Bohol

    Angry Jeegaan Lander burns the Somalia passport in Hargeisa

    despite Somalia passport offices being opened in numerous areas in Hargeisa city (otherwise ordinary Landers can't go to the hajj) kkk.
  10. Strawberryshuffle

    Emotional vampire

    Hi everyone, I need some serious advice, I got to know this muslim girl in the begin of 2017, I thought she was nice and friendly and all and we would sometimes chat using whatsapp, just the casual stuff, how are you how school etc etc. Now here comes the story shortly after we got acquainted...
  11. S

    Somali man spends £1m on lottery tickets

    This faraax lost his family cuz of his addiction. Anyone know where he is now?
  12. Prince Abubu

    Americans have lost the plot