1. K

    Who ever took the china-19 vaccine come on in

    Y’all still alive??
  2. Manafesto

    TRIGGER WARNING Residents of Hargeisa complain about Somaliland Government burning the bodies of foreigners who died from COVID-19

    LaXawla Wala Quwati, Are these people Hindus, covering their incompetence and failing to manage the COVID 19 funds intended for the epidemic, who could one steals the money and then to cover the theft burn a diseased person of Covid 19 victim.:jaynerd::mjcry::kanyehmm:
  3. angelplan

    Unseen enemy: Somalia's fight against COVID-19

  4. The Somali Caesar

    Pray for me

    Since this morning I’ve been sneezing my lungs out. My nose looks like Rudolph the red nose reindeer. I’ve lost the ability to smell my own farts. I think I may have got the Chinese flu :mjcry:
  5. R

    Japan privately concludes Tokyo Olympics should be cancelled due to coronavirus Such a shame, there was some hope the games would be saved by mandated vaccinations for athletes and their parties along with...
  6. Milano Ahmed

    CNN reports: Vaccinations highlights the divide between Israel and Palestine

    Israel is leading the world in vaccinations but Palestine let’s not beat around the bush here it’s occupied by Israel has had little vaccinations at all.
  7. OffTheDome

    FDA approves Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for emergency distribution in the US

    One of the greatest scientific/medical accomplishments in human history. Operation Warp Speed was a success! Give credit where credit is due, Mudane Trump has done it again. God bless the US :salute:
  8. OffTheDome

    Some volunteers who took Pfizer's Covid “vaccine” developed Bell's palsy (facial paralysis)

    They developed WHAT?!?! :wtf:
  9. Calaf

    UPDATE Reer UK: another lockdown announced starting Thursday. Clearly, The Tier bullshit never worked as well as they thought. update: PM announces four-week 'stay at home' order
  10. Risotto

    Puntland state minister succumbs to COVID-19

  11. Prime Minister

    Device provides visual proof that masks block droplets

    I don't wear masks outside but I wear it in close quarters. In this video they demonstrate that not all masks are equal and some masks might actually be worse than no mask. In this case a fleece mask is worse than no mask because the fleece textile breaks up big particles into small particles...
  12. tyrannicalmanager

    Innovative student in kismayo creates a handwash and soap dispenser that activates by foot pedal

    this is prove that education could save lives
  13. Genesis

    Are you going to be fasting during COVID-19?

    So with the coronavirus and everything else, are you gonna be fasting during the Pandemic? I still will as I'm just indoors all day, but if your working it's a bit different. Some people I know who have to work during the Pandemic, say that you're working in a field like healthcare - you should...
  14. N

    What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe

    I thought of this video today, we are seeing countries competing in making vaccines for the Covid-19 right now. Will you guys take the vaccines when they get available?
  15. lalayariis

    I’m developing a cough

    Chills, runny nose, fatigue, and loss of hunger and now a cough that is starting to develop. My chest hurt yesterday like a sharp pain, but I thought it was from the pneumonia I had 2 months ago. I think I might be getting corona y’all. Now I have a cough and a slight wheeze with exhale. My...
  16. lalayariis

    Covid-19 lowkey scares me

    I’m an essential worker right now, but I’m also immunocompromised and got asthma lmao. I don’t think it’ll affect me as I’m young, but seeing so many people dying that are kids and alone in hospitals is unsettling.
  17. EL LEETO

    BREAKING NEWS BORIS JOHNSON TESTS POSITIVE FOR CORONA the great lion of the tory party Boris Mehmetson has tested positive for...
  18. N

    3.5 million Iranians might die if quarantines are not imposed!

    Researchers at the respected Sharif University of Technology in Tehran have created a computer simulator to test different scenarios for the further spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, across Iran.They concluded that in a best-case scenario — in which the government...
  19. Afrique

    Idris Elba has the corona virus

    Sabrina hasn't been tested yet. It's serious!