1. Prince Abubu

    Cadaan Woman Quarantines Herself On Socotra Island

    She's gonna infect the whole island.:damn:
  2. Yibir Huur


  3. Yibir Huur

    ANGLO-SAXON qabil warfare goes VERBAL

    Imagine someone threatened you like this....:ftw9nwa:
  4. CaliTedesse

    Do you know any Somali that died from

    Cancer? In your family? Extended family? Relative? Maybe other peoples relative? Friends family? Please tell me I want to know, because I do not see this sickness as frequent as I do with other ethnic groups. Like Moroccans etc. They tend to suffer from it a lot like Cadaans. All sickness is...
  5. Cazzo

    Two Different Kinds of Stupid

    Western vs. African parliament. Choose your fighter.
  6. Cam

    Indhoyar guy hits girl for talking to ajnabi guy

    :gucciwhat: Discuss?
  7. madaxweyn

    Let's be honest Somali & Cadaan is a beautiful mix

    Both their dads are Somali :jcoleno:
  8. HuunoHunter

    Remember The Somali Loving Cadaan Woman...

    Is actually a revert. However she shouldn't have talked about her past like that...
  9. A

    Do Somali women prefer non Somali men?

    I am seeing a wave of Somali women who seem to prefer cadaan or even madow men to Somalis, just recently I read a story of Idris Elba's (Madow celebrity) new girlfriend a Somali model. Maya Jama is also with a Madow celebrity and Somali Iman (model) even had a kid without before she married a...
  10. Xooshdheere

    Cadaan Women singing Somali classicals & songs

  11. Prince Abubu

    The New Germans

    Aljazeera's strong efforts to promote "cadaan-genocide". @Amun you were right.:mjlol: Can you imagine a programme called "The New Saudis" starring African migrants? Right-wing nationalism for arabs and Left-wing multiculturalism for the cadaans.:mjcry: