1. Bringer of Wisdom

    UK Somali's soo gala

    Question, has Brexit affected you in any way up to now? E.g. job opportunities, business loss and holidays. And do you think the UK was better off in the EU?
  2. Helios

    Farage Gets the Last Laugh

    I was laughing watching him clown the EU retards on his farewell speech
  3. S

    Boris Johnson to unveil biggest ad campaign since Second World War to prepare for 'no deal'

    Haye London will no longer be the financial hub of Europe and incoming economic meltdown. I feel bad for every UK Somalis but I am excited to witness the destruction of the UK. I have a feeling Scotland will rejoin the EU and the unification of Ireland within the next decade.
  4. The alchemist

    CaspianReport Q&A - Impact of no-deal Brexit

  5. S

    May-ham in Britain: Theresa May wants formal coalition with DUP, breaking with good friday agreement

    Theresa May is trying to persuade the 10 DUP MPs to enter into a formal coalition agreement with the Tories, as opposed to a less formal "confidence and supply" arrangement, ministers tell me. The prime minister has sent a team of officials, led by her chief whip, Gavin Williamson, to Belfast...
  6. M

    Brexit might affect Somali remittances

  7. M

    Tomorrow is Brexit

    Tomorrow the greatest project of the 21st century may unravel. What's your take, where do your interests lie? :axvmm9o: