artificial intelligence

  1. Internet Nomad

    We are living in a Dystopian Novel

    Due to the recent rise in both men's and women's loneliness. That is felt in almost all ages. Many people have searched for a companion in the digital world. No, I'm not referring to online relationships. I'm referring to real-deal AI girlfriends. :ahh: When I saw Bladerunner 2042, I believed...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    How Coronavirus shopping habits is affecting artificial intelligence.

    This was a pretty good read I came across today and thought to share it with you all. I knew the big changes to our online shopping habits would mess with the models kkk but I never thought it’d be this bad. The models companies use for online shopping, that are entirely based on typical human...
  3. S

    Age of AI.

    For those who want to understand a little bit what AI can do. This show on YouTube is super interesting. There are 8 episodes. @Siddhartha .
  4. S

    Sophia the robot

    The robot's expressions were too funny :icon lol:. But not gonna lie, these humanoids are creepy af.
  5. The alchemist

    The Next Frontier of Artificial Intelligence Is Here, and Its a Bit Eerie

    AI with Generative Adversarial Networks (GNAs) has good taste in women. They can make art also.