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Sug dee ninyahow

The north was the first SOMALI region to gain independence
The SOMALI languages came from the northern tribes
The north wanted to unite all SOMALIS and is where the flag of SHANTA SOOMAALIYEED AKA GREATER SOMALIA was risen
The north is where the majority of SOMALI tribes originate from
The north is where the word SOMALI it's self was first recorded
Be original kulaha:mjlol: Meel iska fadhiiso:drakekidding:
What are u implying that hawiye are not somali


With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
We can't expect Landers to drop their ideology with words only with action. we have to unite the south, kick out foreigner armies, fix our governmental institutions and begin our economy building. That way Landers will be willing to drop their ideology.


The Somaliland flag is so ugly, no offense.

The Somalia one is aesthetically much better.
They're both ugly if we're being brutally honest, but the Somalia one is simpler and uglier. But then, the SL one is a complete knockoff at that.

Maxamed bin Harti

Talo alle udaa/ Eid wanaagsan
I was there 2 yrs ago and saw flags from different nations. People should refrain from it imo. Its the only place where the ummah should be one and where u cant tell the rich from the poor.


Somaliweyn Unionist
I'm not an Isaaaq but if I were lost in a sea of randoms I would migrate to those with the lander flag even though they have confusedly destroyed their mother flag.

Why? Because they are my people. They are misguided in trying to form a nation on the grounds of qabiiliyad but I am guided by Allah (SWT) and hajj is if any places the one place we should not focus on qabiiliyad.

Shame on those Isaaq for bringing a qabiil fueled flag to Hajj when they are Somali, but they are still my people and I would be comfortable amongst them if I were lost in a sea of people during hajj.
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