YouTuber EXPOSES China


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The only camp I align is the Muslims.

I will not submit to the Kafireen.

correct me if im wrong but I only see han chinese in this video. where are the uyghurs?
They live in Xinjiang sxb. They can't leave there.


A pious muslima.
all of them are trash to muslims... I prefer all Muslims to go together live in a Muslim country but liberal Muslims like the west a lot.


That’s true but America does not do it cause you are Muslim it’s to assert economic dominance, China does it specifically cause you are Muslim and believe you to be crazy.
It's not cause of that, it's because of ethnic tensions between the Uighurs and Han when they tried to secede and create the East Turkestan Republic and Terror attacks which have been happening since the 1930's

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isn't what india and mao land are doing
India’s population is only 1.3 billion and some of those Indians are Muslim she expects 1.9 billion to live together it could work out if you put them in Russia or a country that has enough land and recourses for them