You have 23 minutes to hide a paperclip in your house a detective will have an hour to find it Where do you hide it?


What is this ? ? ?
I am derailing the thread right now:

My mother didn't say bye to me before she went to work, but she said bye to my sister who was only like... 6 feet away from me. I am so sad

also, I would hide the paperclip inside my foundation


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Let me be the arbiter.

Tbf you can’t say you can’t hide it on your body or clothes, and then say I’m going to hide the paperclip in a bowl full of paperclips.
Take it one step further. Break all the paperclips up and mix them all together with other materials

But If you need the paperclip in the future...

Hot Ballah

I do something called "what I want"
Haye. Lets see how smart he is when i cook the paper clip and feed it to him. This nigga will look for the paper clip all over the house when it will be inside him the whole time. :mjhaps:
If he was smart he’d know not to eat or tamper with anything in the house unless it is to look for the paper clip, if he was even smarter the first place he’d check is in cooked food. He’d rip that chicken up, don’t underestimate him. :icon lol:

also, even if he DID eat it, I don’t think it’s possible for him to swallow a paper clip whole or not even notice it in his mouth when he’s chewing. You’d have to cut the paper clip up into small pieces which is obviously against the rules.
To be honest an hour is a lot especially for a detective he’s the type to look and smell for my footprints as well so what y’all doin? :ooh:

Im putting my paper clip under the fridge no way is man gonna think I hid it there :lawd: Also you can’t copy answers so be original

Also he has 600 IQ and a great sense of Smell, Vision, Hearing, and more so now tell me again where shall you hide it? :hemad:

I think you can place it under your googorad adiga. Easy fix to your would be problem. LOL


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