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Sheekhaagu waa kuma?
So let me get this straight, the same people bombing you. Destroying hospitals, schools and fundamental infrastructure. Are giving you work permits and jobs.

Oooh its the arab guy, giving me a Saudi source on how benevolent the Saudis are. You arab booty clapper should stay in your line. Misinformation is a criminal crime, just do your repetitive arab booty clapping and stop giving out false information to back up your narrative.

I tolerate an arab booty clapper, but I wont tolerate arab booty clapper with FAKE NEWS.
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Yemenis are basically the ******s of the Arab World. I see these begging rats all over in the streets of Khartoum because Bashirs government let them in


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
Expecting Civilization is Somalia or Somaliland is like expecting Somalis to go to the GYM and work out their chickens legs. Only Gods miracle can intervene.


Anyway it's the somali government's fault for letting the country be a shithole and letting some yemeni refugee in. The syrian refugees deserve the help and would probably be thankful.​


Saudi arabia should take yemeni refugees in seen it's their fault not somalia's fault. As for syria it's a different story
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Milf hunter
i just wanna go to hargeisa and tell them to go back to their fucking country

that would be sooo satisfying after cadaan kept tellin me that, its my turn lmaoo