Yas and hals back at it again


Yas is not entitled to take care of a grown pregnant woman who willingly choose to be a single mother. You chose to be a single mother, then so be it. Prepare and adapt to the lifestyle you chose and stop trying to slander your sister for living her life. Halssa is really immature, if she wasn’t trapped with a baby she would do the exact same thing she is crucifying her sister for.
this was evidently a one night stand resulting in pregnancy. Also, she has stated before that she was too far gone when she realised she was pregnant (couldn't abort the baby)... lay off the girl talking about "her baby father dumped her after getting her pregnant" do you like lying for fun? lool


naturam expellas furca, tamenusque recurret
All it took was a ratchet Somali girl to bring all the Somalispot OGs out of the woodwork. :lolbron:
We supposed to be uplifting not tearing each other down. Why are you referring her a rachet? :mahubowtf:she a strong black kwayn raising her lil queen. Yll so mean th.0t shaming her, I am done with y'all. Girl bye. :lolbron::mybusiness:

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