Yas and hals back at it again

Wtf is wrong with yas? Who wouldn't support their sister through labour? All for some D wallahi she needs help :susp:However Halima shouldn't of embarrassed her in public


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My daughter aint getting no phone till 18, going dugsi till she finishes the quran, aint leaving the house for a motive aint no way im raising a ***.
Nah bro ho's will find a way to ho around if you have a daughter in the west it's 80% chance she becomes a ho no matter what you do
It's clear that this is a Divine injunction from God for those who are flirting with the idea to live a promiscuous lifestyle and 'live their best lives' to take heed and avoid becoming like these women. It's sad that they will amount to nothing more than a stark example of what a decent human being shouldn't be like.
This fall from grace doesn't have a good ending. It will stick with them for the rest of their lives. They will carry this burden until the day they die. They could repent to their Lord and He is Merciful. But mankind isn't merciful.

Actions have consequences.


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She wants to guilt trip us, both parents died kulaha. Muhammed SAW lost his parents when he was 4 and he became a PROPHET


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This is sad, I can't imagine airing my sister and I fight on social media.


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What a mess she in, baby dad don't want her and her only family member left her for d*ck

Yep, I'm entertained
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