Xalimoexit wouldn't exist if Farax's still looked like this

These guys are rugged, bitter, impoverished nomads who are psychopathic and sadistic. They probably view (you western Xalimos) as c*m buckets and baby-making machines, which totally contradicts your eccentric values (if you go for them).

Trust me, reer badiye niggas are quite literally the definition of lunacy. I have an uncle who isn't really a reer badiye dude, but lived around them, and this nigga Got his arm focking torn off while fighting a LION and successfully defeated it. The crazy thing is the lunatic didn't even look like anything was wrong, he just accepted the amputation and lived with it. :faysalwtf:

You have to be incredibly patient and care-giving to able to tolerate their madax adheegnimo and borderline psychopathy. You'd much rather go for Faraxs that take cares of their body & well-being with an apt amount of money, rather than go for these deranged psychopaths. Just an honest advice.