Would you divorce your wife if she couldn’t have kids?

Would you divorce ?

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yasmin lan

Satans step daughter
You're how dare you try to portray women as weaker than a man they are more powerful than a man they don't need a man to help them with the house work they can survive on their own just fine they don't need the likes of you cleaning after them as if they're not capable, you should be ashamed of yourself talking about women as if they're inferior to men I have you know women are superior to men now apologise for your misogynistic remarks
You are writing mini essays in my thread and you look stupid :russ:


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
You do clearly if you didn’t you wouldn’t write ten plus essays on something that you could’ve just wrote No or yes
Maybe I enjoy writing essays Einstein have you thought of that? I know it's a gynocentric world but you're behaving Orwellian

What are you the thought police :damedamn:
Not open for further replies.