Would you be willing to fight for Somalia?

Would you be willing to defend Somalia if it faced an existential threat?

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Isku filan
No because Somalia doesn’t care about me and besides we have seen what happens when individuals try to better Somalia i.e Hodan Nalaye, Elwad Elman etc.
Moroccans are liars. It's in their culture to finesse and display bravado. I promise you, less Moroccans will fight for Morocco than Swedes or British folk would for Britain.


Depending what we are fighting for. I would fight if we're being invaded. I'll be damned if I fight for a president that picks fights with countries for no reason other than soothing his crazy ego


"Only the weak demand equality..."
Everyone here is doqon. Hypothetically speaking, if these Cadaan ppl decide to make an ethnostate, where will we reside? We must protect our holy land from those bantu trash and make an ethnostate ourselves. We will start by making our own holocaust, then later take over the entirety of Africa. Mind you this is if somalis have an IQ of above 68, or do they?
I’m running just like my father and his father did. Gotta utilize the luugo baasto that I’ve been blessed with



Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
Here's a list of Countries with the most Citizens who were willing to fight for their Nation. Survey was done by Gallup International:

Would you be willing to defend Somalia if it faced an existential threat? Interested to see the responses from Somali Expats/Diaspora.

No., What has Somalia done for me? I am willing to die for America tho


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