Worst year of your life?


The name is Professor, Haji Professor
2015 a shit year, I literally got rushed like 3 times. Worst part is my arm was dislocated and has dislocated 4 more times. My left arm is leggit fucked and am only 21. Got the pricks back though.

2013 lost my grandma.
2015 survived a near stabbing. I would take a gunshot before even considering to be stabbed. This year has been the best. Looking forward to graduation and moving on.
2012 to 2014. Experienced loneliness after moving. I experienced helplessness because too many things were out of my control. For the first time in my life i felt like i did not have any solutions.

I met a girl i dearly loved who has disappeared now, plus she was at point in her life where marriage was appropriate for her but never actually got round to it. I wasnt ready and i was going through the worst year of my entire life. Maybe i should have explained my situation. O well

I turnt down a girl who used to try weird sometimes cute stuff to get my attention. Saw her sometime last year all grown now and still staring lol.

Alhamdulillah now i am forging a path for my future and fighting tooth and nail to make success of it.

I still face problems today however i am in a position to make decisions and flexible enough to make mistakes and adapt to the problems that arise from it.

I just put it down to becoming a man.