Worst year of your life?

For me it's very clear. From summer 2011 to 2014. I don't like to remember those three years, but at the same time I learned a lot and I became more appreciative. What was your worst year and why? Did it change you?
2015 I got jumped three times almost failed high school and had a cigarette addiction

Good news in 2016 I beat those fukers up passed high school and haven't touched a cigarettes :rejoice:
For me it's: 2011 started to tfm

2012: the surv community died so i lost so many people

2013: fight died so did a part of me

2014: i met aisie

2015: i lost aisie and dhaqan celis happened

2016: shit got so gay in skype group chat im blaming hana for this

2017: actually pretty decent year

how could i forgot about 1995??? i was born


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