Word of the Day: Expired

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I used to think newspaper headlines were impolite with headlines like, "*So and so* DEAD".

I used to think why not used passed away. Rude much.

Now, come to know, doctors and medical personnel use another word altogether.

Yesterday, I went to go draw a patient as per usual, but on my way there I was told said patient had EXPIRED.

Like sour milk.

Well, damn.

It feels much closer to the truth than "dead" and "passed away". It feels more real.

An 18 year old kid, not much younger than me, who fell from a height (cliff) and only survived a few days in critical care. I still had to draw him, tho. They were keeping his body warm, running routine tests. Turned out he was a donor.


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I was thinking Is it true if youre signed up as a donor the medical staff wont try hard to save your life?


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Are you a doctor ? I am inclined to say a doctor however nurses also draw blood, so are you a nurse or a doctor ? At 18 you far to young to be out in practice as a medical student. I presumed it was a 3 year university study then rotations in practice. Correct me if I'm wrong I may be mistaken.


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I've never heard that term being used in a medical setting. Anyways I like to use the word passed away. I've seen babies who have passed away and are kept in a fridge. It's so sad and a bit creepy being in a room full of bodies :'(


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The first time I heard expired was in 4th grade. Our principal came into our class and told us that Mrs O'Dwyer our math teacher has expired this morning. I was confused, but he made a speech how she lived her life to the fullest, and how she loved us all. She was 70 something, I was just glad that we didn't have to do math that day.
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