Why xalimos marry ajnaabis revealed

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Oh a wedding. :ohno:
It's half ajnabi? :cosbyhmm:
But free food...:mjpls:

:mybusiness: Bless their souls but not in my family.
:kanyehmm: I wouldn't be able to make my ajnabi jokes in a safe space.
I hate being PC. :meleshame:


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aren't u a woman:faysalwtf: force ur lesbian wife to take an virginity test:shookgabre:
Physical virginity tests do not exist. You can tell by talking to a woman and forcing it out of her or asking around with those who grew up with her.

I'm a virgin without a hymen. It's completely normal.


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What lol?

This is retarded.

Most Somali girls I know my age (19)have never encountered dicks in their life yet still have no hymen. There is no physical means to determine a woman's virginity.

Even I have no hymen and I'm a virgin. This is certainly not the reason why Somali women marry out. If my man complains about me not having a hymen my wedding night then I married the wrong man. In all actuality I'll be telling my virgin husband before our wedding night so he isn't confused due to all the misinformation there is on the internet.
Fake virginity is never the same as real one lol.. jus like you can tell between fake boobs and real ones you can also tell fake virginity.


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And how can you tell real virginity? Because I'm a virgin and I certainly do not have a hymen.
No hymen no virgin plain and simple.. you gave it quite easily lol...

if you can stick a finger and she doesn't react with pain first time then she ain't virgin


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There isn't a correlation :ftw9nwa:there's nothing wrong with marrying an ajnabi, isska caadi. if you follow the same deen, then why not. Plus I've seen so many Somalis marrying ajanib, I can safely say your theory is flawed and your conclusion Is in error sxb
You're about to get a slew of insecure Somali guys coming for you for that statement. The concept of "as long as he's Muslim" is a bit of a meme here
I think they marry out because of qabil. Who wants to marry a Midgaan girl? Also young girls don't understand qabil banter and will take it seriously.
I don't think this is an actual problem though. But even I would prefer an ajnabi over a hardcore qabilist for sure.


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This isn't funny at all nor is it joke
Grow up and akhlaq yeloo and if you're going to say something like this be a man about it and stop hiding behind the screen uff
What? Horta, don't enter an argument between my cousin and I. Second off, if you've read any of my posts you'd know I'm a woman. Go bother someone else.
Honestly right, how about the guys worrying about xalmios and what they do or who they marry or what colour lipstick she's wearing

Shaaqo yeelo
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