Why somalis should get into woodworking

Woodworking if managed correctly can easily save the economy of Somalia. Here is why:
1. Cool stuff can be made out of it

2. Because of cool stuff, people will want to make and be able to sell and buy more stuff, resulting in revenue feedback loops.

3. Helps econominally remove invasive species such as Tree-of-Heaven, Siberian Elm, Asian Honeysuckles, and Albizia in the US, and garanwaa, plus baxarsaaf, gob, mirimiri, and geed hindi if found outside of cultivation.

Any wood can be reasonably used as long as it isn't endangered (e.g. mahogany and frankincense) or rotten. Be smart about sourcing, too.


Raw Hard Truth
I’m taking a class in the spring on this.

I’ll show you my creations , woodworking runs in my family.

I agree with you that we should learn more hands on skills