economic growth

  1. F

    Secrets of economic growth

    What do you think are the key determinants of a country’s economic and social development? Life in modern-day society is complex. It requires numerous complementary ingredients and, if just one of them is missing, it will have huge negative effects. Thus, two equally poor countries may suffer...

    Why somalis should get into woodworking

    Woodworking if managed correctly can easily save the economy of Somalia. Here is why: 1. Cool stuff can be made out of it 2. Because of cool stuff, people will want to make and be able to sell and buy more stuff, resulting in revenue feedback loops. 3. Helps econominally remove invasive...
  3. Thegoodshepherd

    Somalia is becoming worse than ever, no improvement in sight.

    I have always said that Somalia is in a Malthusian Trap. All increases in GDP are being swallowed by even faster population growth. GDP grew by an average of 2.9% from 2013-2017, but GDP per capita fell by 5.5 in the same...