Why marry a Western raised Xalimo when you can....


Death Awaits You
90% of the xalimos living in the cities bleach their skin. Applying Diana to the face is the norm with xalimos who can afford it, even if they are maarin. Some of them don't abuse it.


Death Awaits You
Somaliland produces some of the best looking Somali women. Unfortunately all the girls are mutilated . It would be hard to find a xalimo (+18 ) with a vagina.
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Nope. They are not feminists and they know their roles.

Once I bring them over here, we will live in secluded part the country and she will have no friends. She will raise my kids. I will please her in the bedroom, provide for her and the kids.
Huh, ever heard of Caraweelo - the greatest Somali feminist who ever lived?


We have ruined our women man, in the diaspora we have encouraged obesity through praise while shamelessly maligning the few slim healthy ones, and back home we got them bleaching due to our pathetic colourism showing preference for lighter skin that cracks.

No other culture does this, even within the AA community there are large group that are awake who publicly shame such people all over YouTube, while we encourage this with no groups to dissuade others.

Even the OP decided to post a fat Diana abusing women from Somalia holding her up as a champion instead of discouraging this poison, nacalad ba *** these types of people.

It was narrated that Naafi’ said: Ibn ‘Umar used not to eat until a poor man was brought to eat with him. I brought a man in to eat with him and he ate a great deal. He said: O Naafi’, do not let this man enter upon me, for I heard the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say: “The kaafir eats in seven intestines.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5393) and Muslim (2060).

On seeing a fat man, the Prophet (salalahu ‘alyhi wasalam) said:
“If you did not have a paunch (belly fat), it would be better for you”.

Umar bin Al Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) would encourage exercise and didn’t like obesity, in fact he was against obesity. He said

“O People! Beware of overeating because it makes you lazy in your prayer, it makes your body weak and makes you unhealthy and Allah dislikes the obese man. And you should be modest in your food because that is closer to righteousness and further from excess and makes you stronger in worshipping Allah. And you will perish when your desires become more dearer to you than Allah (azza wajal) or your religion.”
Are you blind or something? The women in the OP is clearly not using skin lightening, she's not even fucking light skin. Nor is she fat. She's very good looking. I'm scared for the people in your surroundings dude, you got some serious issues and you may hurt people. Go to your tuulo and live the rest of your miserable days warning about the sixir of Reer Puntland you basement dwelling looser.


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Ragganimo :manny:

Horta why haven't you been back home yet?
I did. 14 years ago. Insh'Allah I'll visit again.

I'll confine my search to diasporians.

England and America aren't looking too good.

Chaos begets opportunity. :denzelnigga:
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Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
Marry who you want at the end of the day but I fear someone like you would do nothing but emotionally manipulate whoever you settle down with


I think what Ever girl you end up with is gonna live like hell

In just basing that on the stuff youve said for instance youve Said you would make her swallow your cum
whats wrong with that. :hmm:. That shit is weak. Your sex life must be extremely boring if you think thats weird.


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