Why do transgenders do what they do | May Allah Guide Us

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Few reasons,
The western men have been emasculated since the 60s
Women and Feminism/Liberalism have tried to diminish any form of overate masculinity, it sorta was undercovers but now you can see it boiling over on social media when they cry about men doing anything, simply sitting in a seat is called manspreading. Men explaining something is called mansplaining. Some men have been so brainwashed they started to emulate women, they are ashamed of masculinity or have weak masculine energy.

Total degeneracy has taken hold, add to this social programming, all the chemicals in the western diet, stuff that lowers their sperm count and testosterone.

Part this is is planned, the powers that be want people weaker, weaker men don't challenge the power structure.

Oh before I forget, **** has a massive role in this too because **** makes weaker dudes because they dont retain and just spill their seed every chance they get.

TLDR weakened western men, masculine unchecked women = sexual degeneracy and all the lgbt nonsense.


It's a form of mental illness. They removed it from the medical textbooks with the help of zionist hidden hands. It's gotten so bad now that if I don't conform as a doctor, I lose my license and will be sued for malpractice.

Talk about clown world
I don’t support transgender people, these white men switch genders and then all of a sudden they wanna be in woman spaces. Hell to the mutha.... NO!!!!