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    Oromia President Appreciation Thread

    @Oromia President I salute you for coming may you be satisfied my fellow African I actually liked your posts and Islamic views somewhat interesting though good one saaxiib
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    Crazy Story in my life

    rah 2020 i almost cuffed a girl that had a train ran on her subhanallah
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    MY Happy Little Pill

  4. Oromia President

    Ex Somali?

    Whenever I go on Somali Twitter or Somali Clubhouse I see their BIO so you tell me what the hell is a Ex Somali? :notsureif:
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    Fan Love With Oromia King

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    Why do transgenders do what they do | May Allah Guide Us

    Since I found out about them I always wondered why would you do such a thing Allah created you that way and they do the opposite... they think they can rewrite Allah’s creation and change... you’re born with what you have. There is no changing such a thing. If you are born with a male genital...
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    Thoughts On “Greater Somalia” | Would it even work?

    If Somalia becomes civilized It shouldn’t happen Somalis alone are separated enough it would not succeed if they did unite there would be another civil war in a couple of years disunity works best for Somalia I wish for the best but maybe it could work like NATO or something call it the...
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    Why is Islam different

    Over the years of me studying both Christianity and islamm I have to say Islamm is very different comparedd to buddistim s and Judaism Why is this 👍🏻 Disclaimer I amma muslim as well I just like learnimg other religions 🙌🏻