Why do Somalis compete how many kids they have?

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Poor people living in poor places with little contraception = lots of children. It's pretty much the first stage of a populations curve or whatever it's called. Next stage is a boom in the population when medicine and healtcare services allow for more of the infants to survive childhood, and after that there is a decline as family planning happens more and more since you won't have to overcompensate for dead infants/children and you don't need them to work for you as you aren't as destitute anymore.

After/at this stage contraception becomes more popular and if the trend continues the population will overall age alot until you reach the unsustainable part that modern countries face or you end up with a stable population.

Somalia pretty much went through a population boom but regressed due to famine, war etc so in the future there will be another big one.
Qabiil strength in the eastern society. It was to develop soldiers and herders/farmers. In western society its really counter productive to have a bunch unless youve got plenty.
Somalis need this though build that population. Also the more children they have the more chances they have to create "Adults" as a bunch of the kids will die first time they get sick or something.. Before the age of 4-5


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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When it comes to free money, it's halal for Somalis. Bal ceebtan arrag.

100 Somali families arrested Norway

Here in Australia, they wear the Niqaab and tell the welfare office that their children were born out of wedlock and when their case-workers (male) offers them a handshake, they refuse because they are Muslim women. Staff at xafiiska ceeydha call them Niqaabi-***s.
I swear Somalis use the religion when it favors them thats embarrassing 100 families and they maybe even had th audacity to say they are treated wrongfully due to their skin, religion


Its time we look Down on any Somali thats associated with stealing benefits
The worst thing is when it's the first thing in the morning, and it's the school run, you're in traffic and you see a jilbabi with 6 or 7 kids waiting to cross the road with her kids and then the lady gives you that look like she wants you to give her a lift Biskinka every other nationality is walking with one kid or two but somalida football team ba ka daba socoda lol.
Later on when the kids turn into criminals dont blame it on the gaal or the west[/QUOTE]
Why are you acting like gaals have a better approach when it comes to family :ohreally:

The amount of times I've seen theses privileged gaal kids call their mothers *****es
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