Why do somali Americans tend to dress like a fob

Marshall D Abdi

Know you’re place peasant
Despite living the country for more then 20+ years Why yall dressed like fob straight from 🇸🇴 i get that americans have no sense for fashion or so whatever but the hell

uk be gaajo country and have drippy style

scandi somalis who came yesterday shine the most in all somali diaspora. So whats u guys excuse?


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Americans in general have a bad fashion sense.

Sometimes I can tell from far away in touristy areas who is the American and who is not.
the ones who came 20 years ago is only one subset. There have been new refugees from somalia every year. Do you think those racist cadaans were exaggerating about Obama opening the door for somali refugees? I don't know why you all like to play dumb sometimes. obviously the people raised here will have a different fashion sense to someone newer to the country. and there's nothing wrong with being fob, all of us were fresh of the boat/plane at some point.

and fyi the euro sense of style you call it drip but in america is considered tacky to wear matching brands, or be overly branded, wear track suits or otherwise gaudy clothes. I wont say one is worse than the other, its just whatever you are raised into you will gravitate towards.
Lol makes no sense you Europeans just do what Americans used to do. We used to wear tracksuits/jumpsuits in the early 2000s and you guys are wearing that shit now. You guys still listen to drill when we stopped in 2012 even though we’re the creators of it. Your gangsters sell crack when we used to do that in the 80s and 90s. Lastly Scandi niggas used to dress gay until they started copying the uk who copy us. You can already see people in Europe starting dress like these skaters and TikTok kids. Soon cargo pants and Jordan’s are gonna be the norm there.


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