Why are Somalis so short


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Our people are tall especially the men. Our boys in the west 8/10 are over 6 ft these days.

As for the hablaha :bell:22D6CE71-ED74-4AFD-B7A8-ACDC7006AFE1.jpeg
Nah somali men are not short, average height around 5'10 - 6' im guessing.
But it varies, my brothers are 5'7, 5'11, 6'1,6'3 and im 6'
Generally when i go to the local somali masjid im not taller than most nor shorter, just about average
Only one of my friends is below 5’11” what malnourished Mali’s do you know?

same thing with Halimos out of all the ones I have talked to only one was under 5’6”

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