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Why are sjw behaviors and extreme leftism more common among young Somalis???

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Explain Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Their culture isn't infected with this so-called 'cultural marxism', yet their fertility rates are just as low. Clearly there is a correlation with average incomes and fertility rates rather than any cultural phenomenons. And the West doesn't need to import people to support their welfare systems. The main reason why they have loose asylum systems is because of White guilt from colonialism. Japan is doing just fine without having to import large numbers of people.


Free Wi-Fi > Free Palestine
You are the same homosexual who openly stated he has no regard for Somali's cherished cultural values and religious identity. It is you and your ilk that want to bring destruction to my people and support this cultural marxism and destruction of classically traditional values that bind societies together and help them continue to thrive. Youve openly stated Somalia was at its best under the communist dictatorship and it is clear that is what you want the nation to return to. Alhamdulilah that will continue to be a fantasy and people like you will never be welcome in the nation ever again.
I still can't believe that you'd rather Somalia be in this destructive civil war state than the peaceful era of the 70s. The 1970s werent a utopia but it was a damn sight better than this hell hole we call Somalia now.

No wonder I put you in the donkey of the day thread for your remarks.
@Amun it seems you cant figure out basic arithmetic if you seem to be making this point. The welfare state needs a steady population of healthy young people to continue to pay for the benefits and pensions enjoyed by older folks. If there is a significant mismatch between those two numbers particularly with old people largely outnumbering the young then the system would collapse on itself. lmao at your 'white guilt' answer. A country like Canada has no 'white guilt' and has one of the highest immigration numbers in the west. But if you need actual articles that Japan's government is incredibly worried about this issue then:

Concern as Japan's 2014 birthrate falls to record low
Japanese government is trying to figure out how to get its people to have more sex
Japanese government subsidizing match making organizations to help with fertility rates
And most interesting:

Japanese finance minister apologizes for saying old people should die to save state money

The last article shows democracies are inherently unstable as the people will eventually learn they can vote themselves enough benefits to bankrupt the nation as have the Japanese elders who are the main voting block have been doing for the past few decades. Without a strong base of the classic young family man who works 15+ hours a day as is typical in Japan today and being taxed heavily for it the country is on a collision course for financial collapse.


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@Sufiyan Canada screwed over Amerindians and Inuits. They do suffer from White guilt and they mimic the policies of their allies like America and Britain. The only White countries that do not have massive refugee programs are those that aren't suffering from White guilt (e.g. Slavic countries).

As for Japan. Its economy is still totally functional. They haven't collapsed at all despite the fear mongering regarding the structure of their population.
@Amun I dont know much about Canadian politics but they are definitely not anywhere near as PC to their first nations people as Americans are to theirs. Not even close. If you look at the country's racial policies and lack of any AA type programs that are commonplace in the US and other countries. These people know they dont have the same history with race and colonialism that the US and the UK do and readily admit they 'dont owe anyone anything'. Thats about as anti white guilt as you can get.

These economic issues I was mentioning take many years to become exasperated. The country can delay these issues by playing with complicated economic tools like quantitative easing and slyly taking on more debt. But even Japanese lawmakers see the doom that awaits them on the horizon and there are ongoing serious talks about opening up the borders:

Japan may boost immigrant numbers
Japans immigration policy rift widens as population decline forces need for foreign workers
ready or not, Japan on the way to becoming a nation of immigrants
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