Why are niqabs even a thing?

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forcing people to wear hijab is unislamic infact the only thing that is obligated is the salah prayer and haj is

hijab is not an obligation , only covering youre body is a requirement the face and hands are not according to the shafii madhab so niqab is not an obligation or a requirement at all

you sound like a salafi when you say forced
You dumb idiot. Go learn what hijab is . Both men and women need to wear the hijab. This girl your defending knows the hijab is wajiib yet as what she said she doesnt care to wear tents.
f*ck out of here dividing muslims.

No one said it was forced to wear the niqab lakiin dont play that stupid shit

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I don’t care what they wear unless they’re my family other xalimos can go f*ck them selves
There not my problem they are their parents problem and brothers but I’d never let my sister leave the house wearing jeans and shit

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Cheating death in berbera
Don’t get it twisted I don’t take joy in telling my sisters not to wear revealing clothes outside or inside the house but I’m not going to smooth over the edges and lie to them and say I’m comfortable with what they’re wearing because I’m not if a woman wears skin tight jeans men are going to look and they know I hate that so they don’t do that unless they’re being testy I let abo deal with that


يا نبي سلام عليك
Covering the whole body including the face is obligatory In the hanbali madhab. The shafis have 2 opinion. One which is obligatory and another stating that it is recommended. The hanafis also consider it wajib even though the face and feet are not considered part of the awrah. As for the malikis they have the most lenient position which is that its sunnah. The niqab does have a basis in all madhab differing from recommended to obligatory. It's not a wahhabi position as some are making it out to be. As for those calling it ugly or disgusting should fear Allah and repeat the shahada as they are unknowingly insulting the wives of the prophet who are narrated to have covered the whole body including they're face.

Hanafi position

Shafi'I position


And this article presents the proofs that face veiling (which niqab would fall under) has basis in Islam and presents evidence from the hadith and Quran. It also responds to the opposing side who claim the majority opinion is that niqab has no basis.
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