Why are insecure Somali men concerned about who Somali girls screw?

Their is nothing more embarassing and cringe then seeing incrls on twitter rage out when they see a random Somali girl marry or date out.

They are basically making Somali men out to be Black women who cry about their men dating out. You man need to get your life straight and stop being so fixated on who a random Girl fucks just because you share an ethnicity.
Ma aaragtay? Nin iyo naag le uussheeg somali waa ciyala suuq kuli. Its becoming draining. Who cares.
you're coping on both posts, just admit you took an L dude. You're also moving the goal post.
He's right tho. One is Oromo Muslim and th eother is half Somali. That's not an L to a habesha Christian. lol. tbh I've never seen a habesha girl with a Somali other than myself. lol