Why are insecure Somali men concerned about who Somali girls screw?

I dont care if they open their legs but tell my brothers in advanced before they marry. Even if you lie, we will know the truth through investigations and bed sheets. I have provided guidance to dozens of brothers wallahi and I have saved at least 5 from marrying a dhi-lo who wanted to become a housewife to a innocent brother. We got each of the men better women as wives.
Individuals can do what they want. Studies show interracial or inter culture marriages don't last as long as when you marry within your own. There will be more challenges to overcome. This is all irrefutable. Not saying all end up bad but the chances are higher. Let a young somali marry out f it makes them happy.

Marriage is more difficult these days and looking for a suitable partner is tough in the West. Especially in the UK and Canada some of them there are the biggest wastes. I can't speak for anywhere else as I haven't been there.

Both genders are bad, but the guys are one of those dudes that emerge out of his mother's basement at 6pm for the first time in the day and he approaches his mom in the kitchen gruffing his beard asking, "Hooyo can i have a 20"?
Somali women are the most beautiful and elegant of all women. A lot of the ones who marry outside only do so because there isn't a viable Somali male option as she perceives it. My Somali brothers need to step their game up and the problem will fix itself. Also, Somali men need to hold themselves to the same standard we expect our women to hold themselves - stop chasing after others and applauding Somali men who marry outside.

General Asad

And What Is Not There Is Always More Than There.
why won’t you accept the fact that we bang your girls?? come London go Toronto, go Australia, and it’s never the other way around lool it’s always Somali dudes piping or getting head off your Habesha girls, why are you even on this website furthermore?
Kinda related: there is a girl im friends with who is habeshi and she doesnt allow anything other than somali **** in her mouth. She only associates as an ethiopian when her family is around, other wise she friends with somali and gets piped 24/7 by somali ****. She doesn't like her men because their 'small and pathetic' lmao. Pro habeshi in the streets and pro somalia in the sheets.

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