Whos Sexier? Somali Girls Or Ethiopian Girls?

Somali Girls or Ethiopian Girls?

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I used to encourage war with axmaars for the lands they occupy. inleen waxba maan ogayn.
this is the real reason we need to wage war on them some day.
Bro war isn't productive any more. The best demopraphic battles are won in the womb. We could take the whole ethiopia. Team PAHG:rejoice:
Yeah that's the thing. Ethiopians are beautiful, and they have a variety of looks. But these outrageously curvaceous figures are fake looking even on Somali girls who more often have smaller chest and curvy hips and bums kinda figure. I dunno.

It's not a serious thread but the way riya jama is dragged is wierd. You would think she looked like an ogre or something.
Yup, Somali girls I noticed they tend to have thinner upper bodies and weight concentrated from hips down. These instagram bodies are most likely altered, the proportions are way off.

It's not right. They need to lay off her. She seems like a miskeenad.


Revived Hunter.
That's it sxb, we have to invade Ethiopia one more time.

Look at that succulent xabad, any man would want to sleep on them.

I thank the Lord for making Ethiopia our next door neighbours, I can always drop in by to eat some raw meat if you know what I mean...