Who will take this L?????

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    Jan 29, 2018
    UK take this L! A Farah looking like the love child of a Masai & A south Sudanese is sent back to prison as a result of govt crack down!

    Horta WHY do Pakistanis & Somalis really get into being radical as a race??? There is NO moderate, its always extreme of one scale to the other opposite.

    Ironically, Pakistanis & Somalis are the most race in this world with the best of Islamic Imaan. Walaahi. Two of my favorite Sheikhs are Pakistanis! This is really interesting & distressing at the same time.

    His name is Yahya Rashid.

    Yahya is a such a softie name. Usually they are incels more than radicals. I cant even tell his qabil judging from his unique, original look. Judging by the noble forehead juxtaposed by those large lips, I may guess it is a sector of Darood, Bahaa geeri

    Imaan has a prize walle


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