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Who is on your freebie list

I've never been into the pretty boy feminine soft boy look. I don't mind slim guys as long as they have facial hair and strong masculine energy.

Okay inquisitive. I want you try and guess info about me. It will probably not be accurate as people are rather complex. But i'm curious about your assessment.

You can be harsh as you like. I won't hold it against you as I am the one that has asked loool.
You got to post your top 3.
You got to post your top 3.
I don't know. I don't really have celeb crushes or think about them.

Hmm, but i'll go with Anthony Joshua and that Somali footballer that one of the girls posted. The footballer would look better looking to me if he was slightly darker though.
Lol stop it, you are Ronnie, @kickz Pauly D and @Factz Vinny, now I might have to change my choice of The Situation @AussieHustler doesn’t seem as dirty and slow how about @Starscream

@Gibiin-Udug what do you think? :cosbyhmm:

To me? I doubt it, that was a low blow take it back apologize for your mistake and let’s move on.
Dirty and slow you didn't hold punches :wow:
The situation had the best name tho I didn't care for jersey shore like that but always liked his name:wow:
If it wasn't for my parents, I would even put a huge poster of Timothée up in room. He's stunning.

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I see you have good taste too. :sass1: :yousmart:

Additionally, I recently watched American Horror Story: Apocalypse and I came out having a big crush on the guy playing the Antichrist. His acting was really something else :lawd: scary and undeniably evil but alluring enough that you'd be willing to take risk. 10/10 talent.:rejoice:All when i was done with white boys *sigh*.

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This but like two shades darker.
I don't know who the Somali footballer is but based on this dude and Joshua, big face and big frame would indicate your slim below 60KG and your face would be small in size either round/oval shaped, with medium to small eyes.

The sample size is too small to be able to glean your personality or skin colour, your skin colour I would guess based on both selections to be closer to light skin (light brown), the sample size is too small.

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