Who else finds Bauhaus architecture appealing?


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Honestly, something more closer to Greek style but with a unique twist. Somalia is hot to its best to take inspiration from hotter climates, and having all the buildings be white would make it much more bearable temperature wise. It also matches with the Somalia flag because the blue ocean and then white buildings. I don’t think there should be that many skyscrapers, that should be left to the top 3 biggest/most economically important cites. Those cities will resemble the modern western world.

here are some examples.
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Honestly believe you were inspired to post this by Skyscrapercity.

Parailia somalensis

Notice the 2 homes around this old Mosque in Mogadishu. They look like they represent a unique Somali take on Modernist architecture.

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I wonder if anyone has any other pictures of these type of homes in Mogadishu in the 70's and 80's. You can still see that one of them looks exactly the dominant avant-garde in vogue in Somalia for the last 20 years.

What do you guys think of this:

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How can they ask for $340,000 with construction material that is of poor quality and would collapse in less than 100 years