Who do you think is responsible for the Mog bombings?

Who do you this is responsible for the Mog bombings?

  • Shabaab

  • Carabta

  • President Cheese

  • Buntland Sixir

  • Isaaq Separatists

  • Dowladiids

  • No opinion at this stage

  • International Community or Foreign Powers

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A number of people have already started spinning the story. Who do you accuse of wrong doing and why?

I gave you guys the pleasure of being able to select up to two options.


child of afgooye

Du Lac

your friendly neighborhood somali
I heared they found the feathers of a Peacock during the investigations.

Only this bastard is bold enough to attack President Cheese so openly.
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All black and white mercenaries must leave somalia asap cia blackwater bancroft all gulf Arabs I hold them motherfuckers responsible this bigger then al shabaab foreigners hand is in it no doubt about it
Why is isaaq seperatist even on the list? Cmon man.

:ohno: I ain't suggesting anything g. It's just one of the ways this story has been spun so far. We are just trying to see how people are voting.

Why don't you wait a little longer and then tag the people that voted for that option? See if they did it in poor taste, or if they are dead serious.


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
I dont think Al shabab got anything to do with this say a certain government official took a bribe to make sure that truck took a route with no check ups

Besides IF Alshabab did this how is it the journalists know where Alshabab are But the government dont?

Think about that
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