Who Do You Think is Going to Win? Trump or Biden?

Who do you think is going to win?

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Omar del Sur

believer in win-win cooperation
@Omar del Sur Still bullish on Biden. Florida was a surprise, but not Ohio or NC.

Biden is very strong in the mid-west and those mail-in ballots will propel him to 270.
I still think Trump is going to win but I could be surprised. I remember in 2004 how so many people were fed up with Bush but Kerry still lost.

I think it pretty much just goes

2 terms- Dem

2 terms- Rep

2 terms- Dem

2 terms Rep

I don't think that pattern has been broken with since the early 90's

Omar del Sur

believer in win-win cooperation
@Omar del Sur Where do you stand now?

I am not “I told you so” type of person, but today we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it’s looking like Cheeto is going to be a one-term president. :obama:
Seriously, if I'm proven wrong, I have no problem if you want to make an "I told you so" post. I would like to be proven wrong.

Right now, I am not sure who to think will win. I don't really have an opinion either way.

One of the weirdest theories I have come across is that Trump was better because he would get rid of globalism. But replace it with what? Get rid of globalism to replace it with neo-naziism?

If he loses, wonderful. We can go back to more normal politics and society can be much calmer. The claim that his side would incite a civil war I think is bogus.

The right is not as willing to go on the offensive en masse. They do terrorist attacks but you don't see them go do riots for example. The leftists would be the ones willing to go on the offense en masse. The right would possibly go on the offense en masse in response but it the right isn't as willing to take the offense en masse.

Why does the right lack this willingness? Because their cause is fundamentally immoral so their hearts are not as strong. The leftists go astray but there is a fundamental impulse to them that is not incorrect. It is their instinctive sense of justice that gets manipulated.

If Trump wins and there is massive violence it is what it is. The left has shown that it is willing to initiate en masse.

Furthermore, much of the media is left. Media control is important.

But the military would have many right-wing elements- although it actually would have many that are not necessarily far-right. For example, minorities in the military and furthermore there the military has been teaching "diversity" and such things. More of the military I think would join the right but there would be elements that would side with the left.

It is not clear to me which side would win a civil war. If Biden wins, I doubt a civil war occurs.


The revolution will not be televised 📺
Look at everyone changing their votes to biden, you gotta make it so that they aren't able to change it so we can clown them
they're happening while a Republican is president. so imagine how bold they'd be with a leftist in office. these mobs started under Obama. you might not be able to put two and two together

but you have about a month until it's time for me to tag you and tell you I told you so. wishful thinking on your part changes nothing
This didn't age well.