Who dates out more somali men or women

Can i say nothing's more attractive than a somali woman who can speak somali. I used to work in a retail store whilst i was my last year at university like 4 years ago... and i met this nice somali girl and we just vibed, convo was amazing. Anyway found out she was like 2 years younger than me and was studying nursing... and i thought ok. Kinda let everyone know i was into her she knew as well.... Then i had a few friends tell me shes not who she is and i ignored them....
Eventually i added her onto my socials and see all sorts of pics without her hijab on concerts/festivals etc and then a few with shisha bars. Like every guy needs an awakening moment in their lives. Anyway, still have her on snap and she posts a small clip of her caressing her face like every other day. I think she probably thinks she can sit on the fence for a while enjoy her life and then just pick out the most successful guy whenever shes ready which i find funny lol.
Or maybe she’s just living her life?