White Supremacists are REALLY Obsessed with Somalis for some Reason

I think trending is dependent on your timeline and what pages you go on. for example when i click on indian twitter and muslim twitter profiles i get more updates on my timeline despite not following those pages.

since your on somali twitter those are the trending topics

You're probably right, it is focused on my interests lol.


THROW YO 〽️s UP‼️ #MJBLOCK 🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱
Who does most of the crime somali girls or somali boys in the west? fair enough they didn't destroy Somalia but they are sure destroying themselves by joining gangs
Not all of them are joining gangs n getting fast money thats only a mere handful of them


Cabdul's Status CLOSED until further notice.

she’s been ratio’d by a Faarax, we are so back
Hahhahaha lets go boys this really made me happy.
I just also realized something. The woman that posted that also posted AI images of other ethnic groups but only the Somali one did real numbers. I suspect it was boosted. Elon has the power to boost anything he wants to. Ever since I saw him commenting on the Minnesota school fight, I realized the guy has it for us. Explains why anything related to us has an extreme boost in the algorithm. I wouldn't be surprised if he googles Somalis in his spare time. Dude is a hateful eugenicist.
Wow I never actually thought about this, My reputation for elon musk has always been on the downfall ever since he bought twitter and even a little bit before (Due to the cheap quality of teslas) but this takes it a whole other level.
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Interesting, Im experiences the complete inverse. I am more closer to immigrant africans (I and other somalis get along really well, paticularly Muslim ones). African Americans are also chill as well, but you know how everyone at school naturally seperates, usually its somalis + first gen africans together while african americans stay together. Which is totally okay, just something im pointing out. (However there are some somalis that try very hard to fit in with African Americans)
Thats even worse. They hate our guts and want us off the face of earth.
Be careful to not generalize, there are many good very good nice a people and this is the loud minority imo.
It's because of Barkhad we're associated with subhumans, he also made countless Somali children's lives growing up unnecessarily hard no thanks to the pirate trope, Barkhad Abdi sold out his own people for less than a years minimum wage of annual pay (30k), it is what it is.

I still to this day can't understand why some Somalis continue to support & defend him.
Barkhad is still catching strays 🤣🤣🤣


Forza Somalia!
Indians are mad.

There was an African American guy who was jailed a few years ago for leaking FBO info. He was operating out of Minnesota. One of the things that shocked him was the way Somalis who had committed no crimes and were simply relatives or had engagements with a suspected terror had their “cards marked”, potentially leading to issues with accessing basic services.

He was shocked by the way Somalis were spoken about in law enforcement circles.

Imagine an AA being shocked at the treatment of another group 🤣😳

Somalis represent: blackness, Islam, crime, immigration, lack of integration, Black Hawk down , Jihad, to the average Cadaan with slightly xenophobic tendencies.