Where does the Narcos series get all those hot Latina women from?


f*ck you im from Mudug
I used to live in a dorm that had 11 rooms. One of them had this latina girl ( extremely short and ugly) and one day around 11 pm (i will never forget about this) i was playing fifa in my room and all of a sudden someone was banging on my door.

I thought it was my friend and i opened, my god three 10/10 latina girls were right in front of me! :jcoleno:

Wrong room, they were having a party so i showed them their friends room (the ugly monster). They invited me but i said no:nahgirl: They seemed thirsty wallaahi i dont want to commit zina. Mind over matter:mjhaps:

99% of the boys/men in our campus are ugly white/indian/paki/indhoyar nerds wlh this explains everything:mjkkk:

I will never commit zina and i avoid these white women :nahgirl:

No thank you:nahgirl:

Becky rejected:nahgirl:


Death Awaits You
I don't understand why people in Europe have a big crush on latinas. I actually find mixed African American chicks more attractive than Latinas


Cultural revolution
Latinas are definitely one of the sexiest females on earth. Too bad most in my area are clapped.


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